Wednesday, July 29, 2009


The word “Shining” is mentioned 2 times throughout the movie.

The word “ghost” is mentioned only 2 times throughout the movie.

Jack thinks he has two $20 bills and two $10 bills in his pocket.

Everything we actually see on a TV set is shown 2 times. 2 cartoons, 2 movies, and 2 newscasts.

Each time a black frame is used to indicate the day of the week they are 2 days apart; Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday.

Wendy clobbers Jack with the bat 2 times and she has to hit the Snow-cat ignition 2 times before they can leave.

Grady “put both barrels of a shotgun in his mouth”.

There are 2 Gold Room signs with 2 artist's pictures and the 2 different stands they’re on switch places throughout the movie.

Jack says, “How do you like it?” 2 times and the line “For ever and ever” is repeated 2 times.

There are actually 2 separate hotels shown in the movie. Jack sabotages 2 items (1 in the novel). 2 scenes are filmed in the maze, 2 in the storeroom, and Jack’s interview is split into 2 separate scenes. Danny goes up to room 237 2 times and we see him drive his trike 2 times, and we see him playing with his toys 2 times. There are 2 identical snow-cats used in the movie. Jack has 2 bright yellow possessions and breaks down 2 yellow doors (no yellow possessions and 1 door in the novel). Dick Hallorann shows Danny and Wendy 2 different storerooms. Indians are mentioned 2 times, 2 tribes are noted, and the same Indian is seen 2 times moved to 2 different places. Grady knocks on the storeroom door twice to wake Jack.

And one very important thing has been altered in reverse. In the novel there are 2 very important keys, in the movie there is only one.