Wednesday, July 29, 2009


The word “Shining” is mentioned 2 times throughout the movie.

The word “ghost” is mentioned only 2 times throughout the movie.

Jack thinks he has two $20 bills and two $10 bills in his pocket.

Everything we actually see on a TV set is shown 2 times. 2 cartoons, 2 movies, and 2 newscasts.

Each time a black frame is used to indicate the day of the week they are 2 days apart; Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday.

Wendy clobbers Jack with the bat 2 times and she has to hit the Snow-cat ignition 2 times before they can leave.

Grady “put both barrels of a shotgun in his mouth”.

There are 2 Gold Room signs with 2 artist's pictures and the 2 different stands they’re on switch places throughout the movie.

Jack says, “How do you like it?” 2 times and the line “For ever and ever” is repeated 2 times.

There are actually 2 separate hotels shown in the movie. Jack sabotages 2 items (1 in the novel). 2 scenes are filmed in the maze, 2 in the storeroom, and Jack’s interview is split into 2 separate scenes. Danny goes up to room 237 2 times and we see him drive his trike 2 times, and we see him playing with his toys 2 times. There are 2 identical snow-cats used in the movie. Jack has 2 bright yellow possessions and breaks down 2 yellow doors (no yellow possessions and 1 door in the novel). Dick Hallorann shows Danny and Wendy 2 different storerooms. Indians are mentioned 2 times, 2 tribes are noted, and the same Indian is seen 2 times moved to 2 different places. Grady knocks on the storeroom door twice to wake Jack.

And one very important thing has been altered in reverse. In the novel there are 2 very important keys, in the movie there is only one.


Sunday, July 26, 2009

A 10 Empty



Saturday, July 25, 2009

D1 Pictures

The blue oval picture disappears and moves right before our eyes. Later it's hung in a different lower spot.

This mysterious clock moves away from the power line.

The light switch on the left disappears.

As the yellow ball is rolled toward Danny the carpet reverses between shots.

The artwork on the table behind Jack is gone.

The statue and sofa both disappear.

The scrapbook closes and the typewriter moves to the left without being touched by anyone.

The plants above their heads disappear as the movie progresses.

This light switch appears later in the movie.

The shower head disappears.

The mirror in the back disappears later in the movie.

The stand that the Gold Room Sign is on changes throughout the movie.

"Great party isn't it" as the artwork behind him disappears.

Plastic flowers appear on the table between shots.

The penholder disappears between shots.

Jack’s OJ gets lower and the milk disappears.

Watch as Dick Hallorann’s pile of change and red cap at the airport payphone move constantly without him touching them with either hand.

The Gold Room light switches disappear throughout the movie.

The cigarettes on the nightstand disappear between shots.

Jack swings so hard that the chairs on the right move forward about six inches between shots.

The page of The Hotel scrapbook changes between shots without being touched.

The fire extinguisher disappears.

The chair and table disappear between shots.

The spoon on the table in the back disappears as the scene progresses.

Everything on Wendy's dresser moves between shots without being touched.

Dick Hallorann's body moves even though he’s dead.

The chairs disappear throughout the scene.

A blue folder appears and the phone disappears between shots.

The box with the novel in it appears between shots.

The bearskin rug disappears.