Wednesday, July 1, 2009


If you use the source novel for an explanation Grady is most certainly a ghost who has the ability to move things supernaturally. He unlocks the cold pantry letting Jack escape and also places the “roque mallet” where Jack can find it, right in front of him in the kitchen when he gets out. This is important; in the movie this is reversed and Grady doesn't give Jack the ax at all (because he isn't real). The way Stanley Kubrick altered Stephen King’s novel is obvious. He’s showing us an inverted mirror image of the novel and if he's reversed so much from the novel it’s not an unreasonable stretch to say that he did the exact same thing to Grady in the kitchen (click here).

Taking a real ghost haunting a hotel and inverting him into an imaginary friend inside Jack's psychotic head. That's exactly what Stanley Kubrick did, Grady is Jack's warped version of Tony (click here).