Sunday, October 10, 2010


We see Tony in the novel / we don’t see Tony in the movie. “Redrum” appears inside the bathroom / outside the bathroom. Danny bolts the storeroom door / Wendy bolts the storeroom door. Dick Hallorann lives / Dick Hallorann dies. Overlook destroyed / Overlook remains. Jack burns to death inside The Overlook / Jack is frozen to death outside The Overlook. Danny sees “Redrum” in the bathroom mirror / Wendy sees “Redrum” in her dresser mirror. Pediatrician male / Pediatrician female. Danny sees one woman / Jack sees 2 women. Wendy is a smart blond / a weak dumb brunette. Wendy never looks at Jack’s play / Wendy reads Jack’s novel. Jack injures Wendy severely / Jack never touches Wendy. 1 elevator moves on it’s own / 2 elevators remain totally motionless. Hedges in the front that move by themselves / hedges in the back that never move. It’s unbelievable, and the most amazing thing I found is that scenes from the novel all happen in a different place in the movie. In the novel the end chase is in a hallway inside The Overlook / hedge maze outside The Overlook. Danny faints in The Overlook / Danny faints in their apartment. Jack attacks Wendy in the hallway / Jack attacks Wendy in their apartment. One boiler in the basement / twin boilers on the first floor. Danny lures Dick Hallorann back as he drives in his car / Jack lures Dick Hallorann back as he sits in his bedroom watching TV. Room 217 becomes Room 237. Jack works in the basement / Jack works in the Colorado lounge. Jack meets Grady in the Gold Room / Jack meets Grady in the Colorado Lounge. Dick Hallorann talks to Danny outside The Overlook in his car / Dick Hallorann talks to Danny inside The Overlook in the kitchen. It goes on and on and you can read more about it if you click here.